Is language a virus? It is certainly contagious. Writing jumps from the written page into other spaces and landscapes. Writing is something physical, a dance, I only use the computer for the final stages, a pencil on a notebook helps me to feel the connection between my body-movement and my mind-language, and only when the real writing has taken place I allow the words to navigate into the computer to edit, polish, cut and paste.

Writing-reading is a continuous, a chain of actions and activities, physical and intellectual.  Reading-writing happens everywhere and that does not need to be confined to the book, the book is not the only way to read and as cultural artefact it has its specific culture connotations that required to be ‘read’.

Most of my writing has been published in Galician, some children books have been translated into Catalan and Castilian (Spanish). My writing in English has been published in the bilingual book The Book of Invisible Bridges, and the majority is used for performances of various kinds, songs, etc.

I write-read, I perform writing-reading, but I also perform about writing-reading.